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How Kontolink updates

Kontolink collect and matches your documents, transactions and sales invoices several times a day, so you are always up to date.

Kontolink updates automatically

Your Kontolink account updates serveral times a day. The updates include:

  • Collect documents from the document sources.
  • Collect new bank transactions.
  • Collect sales invoices and reconciliation of the ERP system.  
  • Matching of documents and transactions.
  • Automatic approval of payments.

If you upload documents through Kontosnap, they will end up in Kontolink immediately, and will be searchable. The matching itself doesn’t necessarily happen immediately, and you van choose to update here yourself.

Documents which are collected from e.g. Dropbox or your own email which is connected, is downloaded continuously and can be updated here and now in the same way. 

How to push an update through

It’s possible to push an update through if you need to ensure that everything is completely up to date at your desired time.

You do this by clicking the 2 round arrows at the bottom of the transactions list.

This is also shows when Kontolink last ran an update on your account.

Here you can experience that it says e.g. “X remaining documents”, which is a sign that Kontolink is in the process of matching transactions and documents.

It’s to be expected that the number can both rise and fall during the matching as Kontolink collects documents on an ongoing basis.

When should you update Kontolink yourself?

As a starting point, you di bit need ti update Kontolink manually, as the machine runs several times a day. 

It primarily makes sense to push through an update if you work in Kontolink at the same time as you, for example:

  • Just scanned in documents through Kontosnap.
  • Just got the documents sent to your email.
  • Just made some changes to your ERP system.

NOTE: A maximum of one update can be forced through every 10 minutes.

If you e.g. have taken pictures through Kontosnap or have just had documents sent by email while you were working in Kontolink, you can choose to update so that everything is collected and matched.