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Streamlining Small Business Finances

In the quiet of the night, beneath a blanket of stars, two souls found solace in each other’s presence. Their whispered words carried hopes and dreams, forging a connection that defied time and distance. Love blossomed, a fragile but beautiful thing, promising a future yet to be written.

Can Accounting Software Replace Accountants? Find Out Now.

Accounting software has revolutionized financial management with automation, but accountants provide unique value. They offer personalized advice, expertise in financial regulations, and tailored services. While technology streamlines tasks, accountants interpret complex data, communicate effectively, and remain vital in the evolving landscape. The future of accountancy combines technology and expertise for enhanced financial management.

The Need for Simple Financial Management in SMB’s

Kontolink offers one-click accounting for small businesses, automating financial tasks, reducing errors, and providing real-time insights. Designed for simplicity, it integrates with platforms like Xero, streamlining financial management and allowing entrepreneurs to focus on business growth.

Short introduction to Kontolink

Ditte recommends

Welcome to Kontolinks Support Universe! My name is Ditte. I have gathered some articles that can help you along the way.

Ditte recommends

Welcome to Kontolink’s Support Universe! My name is Ditte. I have gathered some articles that can help you along the way

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kontolink supports access to over a 100+ banks in the United Kingdom. It requires no special agreement with the bank. The only thing you need is your bank login.

Kontolink is a subscription based solution that is paid on a monthly basis. The price depends on the number of bank transactions you have. You can view our specific prices here.

Kontolink can connect to virtually all types of email addresses. We have direct integration with Gmail and Microsoft, and the rest can be connected through our IMAP integration.