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Good to know about your bank when connecting to Kontolink

Our bank integration makes it possible to receive all your transactions from the bank, so you easily can do your accounting based on your bank account.

Kontolink integrates with all Danish and British banks.

Business or private?

With several banks, it is possible to have both private and business accounts. Pay attention to connect the right one. If you e-g- has "Nordea Business" you must select this specific one and not just "Nordea".

Connecting bank to Kontolink

  • Make sure you have your bank access ready

Most Danish banks require you to log in with MitID in order to connect to Kontolink.

In some cases, it may be necessary to contact your bank advisor.

  • Reconnect the bank account

Occasionally you will be asked to reconnect your bank. This is to ensure that you’re still giving access to Kontolink, and to prevent your account from being misused.

In practice, it’s the bank that decides how often the connection must be reconnected. Most banks will need to reconnect every 180 days (six months).

Some banks might ask you to reconnect more often. This can be compared to the “test sample” that you can encounter when you pay with your card through “Contactless” when you shop in the supermarket.

  • Data can be retrieved 1 year back from the creation date in Kontolink

When you connect your bank to Kontolink for the first time, there will automatically be transactions 1 month back. You are able to set another start date and retrieve transactions from up to 12 month back. 

  • Kontolink shows a complete overview of your bank transactions

Kontolink gets the bank information through an API integration. The transactions will therefore typically appear in Kontolink 5-120 minutes after they have ended up in your online bank. The exact time depends on the bank.

Worth knowing about our integration for specific banks


Worth knowing

Danske Bank Business

In some cases requires the bank connection to be recreated more often than every 180 days.


It’s not possible to connect the bank with “Looking access”.

Nordea Corporate                           

Requires the Administrator(s) on the account to set up the bank. We recommend following the guide here for setting up Nordea Corporate, as there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Nordea          Business            

There can be between 6 – 24 hours delay on transactions. (From the time the transaction appears in your online bank).


If you wish to change the start date further back than 3 months, this must be done in Kontolink within 5 minutes after the bank account is connected.


If you download a CSV file with transactions, it will not be possible to see the balance per line.

Mastercard Account

It’s not possible to connect a “Mastercard” account to Kontolink.